Suffering from severe eczema for many years and trying various natural remedies with little success, Sofia was amazed at the results she experienced with Glimpse.  Her pictures say it all! 

Sofia Cuddeback

On October 21, 2008, I saw my dermatologist and I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous lesions on my face and left ear.  They took 3 biopsies, and I tested positive on 2 of them:  my left ear and the tip of my nose.
Connie convinced me to try the Glimpse Serum on a biopsy on my forehead, and in one application it showed much improvement.  So, on the 29th of October I started using the 4-step program with Glimpse, only in the morning for the first 4 weeks, and the 5th week I used it morning and night.  Most of the redness on my face is gone, along with most of the red and blue veins that showed on the surface of my 77-year old face.
At this time I am very pleased with the results.  I just hope that my scheduled January 17 appointment for Moh's surgery can be cancelled!
Art Ross
Rochester, MN





Ron had knee surgery and took a photo (right) after the staples were removed.  Then he started applying Glimpse.  He used the serum in the morning and the moisturizer in the evening.






Just over 3 weeks of applying Glimpse (left) and what a remarkable recovery!

 Winters can be tough on the feet . . . very drying. 

After noticing that her heels were extremely dry and CRACKED, this lady  used the serum and the moisturizing cream on her heels.

The next day there was considerable improvement.

That was after just one application!

November 1, 2008 

December 27, 2008 


Celeste Hamel before and just 8 weeks after she

began using Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care Products

I wanted to see for myself, but I also wanted to show others the results I received
after using the glimpse products and what it could possibly do for you. I couldn't
believe my eyes, I had no idea my skin looked that bad. It’s amazing what we can
hide with make-up.
See how the texture of my skin had changed, my skin is clear
for the VERY first time in my life from blemishes, and the sagging skin under
chin had tightened up, all in just 8 weeks! Glimpse is a clean and green, toxin-free,
result oriented skin nutrition skin care


Last Thursday afternoon I burned my cheek with a curling iron.  I used Glimpse (and a little straight Mangosteen Juice) and the second picture shows that 1 week later you can hardly tell where the burn was.  I'm THRILLED!  I've burned myself before and still been able to see the mark months after.  Glimspe ROCKS!!!

Peggy Kimmey
Bristow, VA

 October 28th

 November 27th

I started using Glimpse on November 14, 2008.  I am amazed at the difference.  I took pictures at 2weeks and agains at 2.5 months.  I do the 4 steps in the morning without fail, but I do miss some evenings.

I was amazed with just how little of the product is needed to do a complete facial.  I love this product!


 February 5th!


Dan got a 2nd degree burn from hot coffee on his hand.  He used Glimpse’s toner and serum twice a day for 10 days.  The last 4 days he used toner and serum once a day and moisturizer twice a day. 

As a chiropractor who uses his hands all day long . . . he never missed a day from work!


Since then he is using the Gel Cleanser not only for washing his face, but shaving!  His wife says it is “extremely soft and pleasing!”


 Hyper pigmentation

THANK YOU!!!  I am absolutely thrilled with my results.   I could have never imagined that I would be clear of such a persistent problem.

Laser treatments average $280 per/treatment times 4 (1 per month) = $1,044!!!  Plus possible inflammation and recovery time.

I love Xango's new "Glimpse" Intuitive skin care!  Nutrition for your skin using Xanthone technology.

Gracye Dyck


I was fortunate through my teenage years not to have bad acne.

But as soon as I was pregnant with my first child I developed what I have always called my stress bumps on my forehead.

Stressed or not, they never went away. 8 years of trying product after product. Trying different treatments and procedures, but unfortunately some products and treatments left me worse off than I was before.

My skin would never completely clear up.

I have been using Glimpse since the end of August 2008 and am more than thrilled with the results.

I haven't seen any bumps on my forehead in 2 months, and My skin was completely cleared up within two weeks.

And the best part is it's healthier for me.

Lindsay Johnson
200K Premier
Surprise, AZ


A rash appeared on my face one day and I don't know what caused it.  It was red and bumpy.  I applied Glimpse (all 4 steps) to my face and the next day it was gone!  That was the first time I ever used Glimpse.
Don Crane 


Below is a before and after picture of Lisa Skop after her sunburn in Orlando, Fl in May 2008.  
After getting a bad sunburn on Thursday, she applied mangosteen juice on Thursday and Friday.  Then on Friday she was able to get some Glimpse and apply that.  She was able to use Glimpse for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Lisa never blistered, peeled or had pain from her sunburn.